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The New Year is Full of Things That Have Never Been

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Roots Farm School had a busy 2019. We gained valuable team members, started the website, visited schools in Texas, and hosted a successful BBQ fundraiser. The vision of the school is what carried us through the whirlwind of sober grad planning, administrative credentialing, Masters program, and rebuilding after the Carr Fire. This past year has been full of learning and decision-making. Though we encounter fear and doubt at times, we have crossed a threshold of no return and must sustain faith through it all. The dream of this charter school has gained momentum and interest from the community. As we finish up the petition in what seems to be an incredible feat, we know that we cannot stop. The idea of returning to nature and renewing our relationships with animals and what we eat is too necessary for the future to quit now. We only expect 2020 to bring more growth and friendships as we move forward.

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