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Roots Mission Statement


Roots Farm of northern California provides home-educated families with learning support that integrates agriculture and academics. Stemming from a Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, the curriculum embodies the rich inheritance of western thought with instruction that pursues truth, promotes wisdom, virtue, and beauty, creates a pathway to responsibility, and fosters individual initiative and ingenuity. With the land as the laboratory and assistance from experts within the community, factual knowledge in math and science will be hands-on along with essential life skills such as: producing, processing, and marketing food, animal husbandry, sewing, and basic construction. Root's aim is to cultivate a generation of children ready to succeed in higher education, career, and life, while positively impacting the world around them and preserving the lost art of self-reliance.


Roots Vision Statement

Recognizing children as born persons, Roots will cultivate a generation of life-long learners who in their pursuit of wisdom establish a solid foundation of hard work and discipline, personal responsibility, excellence, and intellectual nourishment in worthy thought and works.

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