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The Gleaners by Jean-Francois Millet

Farm Schedule

2021 - 2022

Roots Farm - Year at a Glance Farm Schedule



  • 4-H Favorite Foods Day 

  • Fruit tree pruning

  • Seed purchase and planning

  • Sourdough bread making

  • Soap making



  • Students will determine what plants to grow for our garden and to sell 

  • Start indoor seeds (Broccoli, eggplants peppers, tomatoes)

  • 4-H Presentation Day

  • Kidding season

  • Market animal selection



  • Students will prepare the soil for planting and watering

  • Market animal care and feeding plan

  • Embryology - egg incubation (starting next year’s egg layers)



  • Students will plant the garden 

  • Native plant week (April 15-21) (plant sale)

  • Shear sheep



  • Farmers Markets (Redding & Anderson)

  • Planting of melons/pumpkins

  • “Be kind to animals,” Native pet week Small animal awareness and show



  • Shasta County Fair

  • Market Street Faire through July


July Summer Program

  • “Putting up the harvest” - Canning, jellies, baking, drying and fruit leather

  •  Year-end presentations on projects (animals and/or produce)


August Off


  • Students will clean up summer crops and prep the ground for fall planting

  • Apple Harvest - preserving, baked goods, sauces, butters



  • Pumpkin harvest and sale 

  • Petting zoo

  • Darkness treatment for poinsettias (8-10 weeks) 



  • Plot planning and rotation planned

  • Lambing season

  • Poinsettias harvest

  • Hide tanning



  • Evergreen centerpiece and wreath making

  • Pointsettia & Christmas tree sale

  • Prepare greenhouse for growing season

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