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In the Midst of Uncertainty

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

June announced a possible location for the school. We could not contain our excitement. We sent out surveys looking to get a better idea of interested families who would be willing to go down the private road versus the public charter. We had a great response from committed families, and we were planning to move forward until we ran into city code restrictions. Our enthusiasm suffered a bit of a blow, but we looked for other ways to make the school happen.

The growing COVID restrictions were and still are a contributing factor to our worry. We have explored different ways we could open without mask restrictions. We aim to offer a full-time schedule as well as a three-day program for homeschool families. Worried parents continue to contact us desperately looking for a way their children can receive a proper education as well as allow them to return to work.

We were torn between our commitment to our present positions and the dream of our farm school. We started our first week back in traditional education last Wednesday. During this time of uncertainty, we feel a sense of obligation to our current families and students. They too are equally impacted by all of this craziness. We are actively involved on a local level doing what we can to influence our county leaders.

At this time, we are taking everything week by week. We are in constant prayer for our school, our community, and our nation. We have not ruled out the option of opening in February. We will most definitely be ready next fall. I was fortunate enough to participate in a week-long training with Ambleside Schools in the first week of August. This will be beneficial in training new parents and teachers in a Charlotte Mason education for the future.

This fall, we will be looking at the possibility of offering an afternoon program for a few hours to begin building the structures and developing the ground needed for the next school year.

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1 Comment

Kristina West
Kristina West
Aug 16, 2020

So sorry to hear that things are not moving at a pace to allow for school to open this fall. I will continue to pray for Gods direction and the cities support.

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