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Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Our community has undergone several hardships in the past two years. From the devastating Carr Fire to Snowmaggedon, summer rolling blackouts, and now the current pandemic. The heart of the Northstate continues to shine through the cracks of pressure. Small businesses have exercised ingenuity to offer services and products to meet the needs of their customers as well as economically stay afloat. Families have practiced creativity to make videos to entertain and make us laugh during such a stressful time. People from all professions have courageously taken on video conferencing and distance learning.

Overnight, our world was turned upside down, but this new perspective only offers the wisdom of seeing life differently. This experience will forever change us and our children. So many people have been forced to slow down, make time for family, grow gardens, and spend time in nature. The daily chase has come to a screeching halt and we will be better and healthier for it. To return to our old and comfortable habits of the past would be a travesty. As others have stated, the year 2020 will be a year of clarity and a clear vision for where we are moving. May we return to a more simple way of living. Let us evaluate what truly matters. This gifted time provides the best opportunity to learn new skills and grow knowledge in becoming more self-reliant.

Roots Farm School continues in this pursuit of knowledge to share with future generations. We have recently added dairy cows and beekeeping to our resume of learning. In a landscape of doubt and uncertainty, we plan to make it flow with milk and honey.

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